10 summer fashion tips

Summer is the time to relax. It is the time to go outdoors and the time to spend afternoons with friends and family. But what does it mean for your make-up and style? What is appropriate to wear in the summertime? Here are ten tips and tricks to guide you this summer:


1. My first tip is important–avoid mini-skirts if you are over eighteen. Mini-skirts make you look young and unrefined. If you want to wear skirts wear skirts that are at least up to your knee. Knee-length skirts are more appropriate for your everyday summer look. You should pair skirts with oxfords. If you do so you will look classy and put-together.


2. My next suggestion? Sun dresses are great to wear in the summer. Many times sun dresses are brightly colored with floral print. Sun dresses are great because you don’t have to pair the right shirt with the right bottoms…. you can simply slip into a sun dress and you are ready to go. The bonus? If you wear a sun dress you will look pretty and polished for the rest of the day. If you wear a sun dress you will stand out in the right way.


3. My next tip? You should avoid high heels on the daily. No one likes feeling the pinch and pain of high heels. The fact is flats are in style. They are practical. You should buy a few flats that are comfortable and stylish. You will have a better summer wearing flats instead of heels.


4. The next tip is a must! You should wear stockings to formal events and you should wear stockings anytime you are working (Honestly? I think stockings should be worn all the time… even in the fall and winter)! Stockings are a staple. If you wear stockings you will look like an adult. If you wear stockings you will look neat and you will look put-together.


5. What else? Do do not forget to put on sunscreen. The sun’s rays can harm your skin. Sunscreen is a must. You should try to use a sunscreen that is unscented. Bugs are attracted to scents.


6. Next–be careful shopping for t-shirts. You do not want to wear thin t-shirts that will show your bra. Try buying t-shirts from stores like Tommy Hilfiger, J. Crew or Banana Republic.lily_pulitzer_02

7. Another tip for the summer? You should avoid wearing dark colored clothes. Summer is not the season to wear black. You will look like you are going to a funeral if you wear it. Wear pastel colors instead.


8. My next tip is to avoid wearing gaudy jewelry. Layered necklaces are on trend. You can buy some that are prelayered or you can buy separate necklaces that you can layer one on top of the other. That leads me to the following tip…


9. Try wearing gold jewelry. Gold jewelry trumps silver jewelry. Invest in gold earrings, necklaces and bracelets. You will not be disappointed.


10. If you are planning to go out on the town this summer you should wear a classic LBD or a classic LWD. What is that? A LBD is a classic little black dress. A LWD is a classic little white dress. I would opt for the LWD if you want to stand out from the crowd. Either option will make you look polished and sophisticated.

That is all for now. Come back next Friday for more.

With infinite love,

Ava Lily Porter

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