Foundations for the summer

This is my second post on my Foundation Series. Today I will focus on long-wearing foundation that is the best for the summertime.

Wearing foundation in the summer is tough. You get oily and sweaty. Your make-up can melt off of your face. We should discuss preventative measures… let’s talk about specific foundations that will last in the summer heat.

1. Milani Conceal + Perfect $9.99 (Shop Now)


Milani Conceal + Perfect foundation is a relatively unknown foundation, but it is still amazing. It is a thick, full-coverage foundation. It is water-resistant, too. This foundation is comparable to the Urban Decay All-Nighter foundation (which is on this list).  This is the more affordable option. Give it a try.

2. Revlon Colorstay $12.99 (Shop Now)

revlon color stay

Revlon Colorstay is a great drugstore foundation. It has a wide shade range. It is also full coverage and long-wearing. It is great for all-year-round, especially for the summer. It is a staple in my make-up collection.

3. Estée Lauder Double Wear $42.00 (Shop Now)

estee lauder double wear

Estée Lauder Double Wear is a great foundation. I swear by this foundation. It is long wearing and thick. There are a lot of different shade ranges, too. Go to your Estée Lauder counter to try a Double Wear sample–they expect that. Get a few samples to get the right color. Pro-tip: You have to work with it quickly when you apply it on your face. It sets fast.

4.  Makeup Forever Waterblend Foundation $43.00 (Shop Now)makeup_forever_waterblend_1This foundation is great. It is light and sheer. It is not full coverage, so if that is the look you are going four forego this foundation. It is water-proof. That means you can use it when you are by the pool or at the beach.

5.   Urban Decay All-Nighter Liquid Foundation $40.00 (Shop Now)Urban Decay All nighterThis foundation is a water-proof foundation like the Makeup Forever Waterblend foundation. You can even wear it by the poolside like the Makeup Forever Waterblend, too. Unlike the Waterblend, it is a full coverage and matte foundation. There are varied shade ranges. Ask your nearest sales associate if you need help to pinpoint the right shade.

That is it, ladies.  Check out my post next Friday.

With infinite love,

Ava Lily Porter

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