Kim Kardashian will launch the KKW Body Collection


Kim Kardashian is the CEO of her own make-up brand, KKW.  This summer she has something new in store for us make-up lovin’ girls’s everywhere.  Kim Kardashian will launch three body make-up products in her Body Collection.  The three body make-up products are the Skin Perfecting Body Foundation, the Skin Perfecting Body Shimmer, and the Skin Perfecting Loose Shimmer Powder for the face and the body.  The kit also includes a body brush.

There are seven separate colors in the Skin Perfecting Body Foundation.

The Body Collection will launch on Friday, June 21 at 12 P.M PST.  Shop at her KKW online store for her entire Body Collection.

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Kylie Jenner plans new products and collabs with sisters, Kendall and Khloe


Kylie Jenner recently launched her new Kylie Skin line.  The Kylie Skin line is a series of products focused on skin-care.  However, that is not all.  Kylie Jenner has a lot more planned for the future.

Kylie is planning a collab with her sister, Kendall Jenner.  Those products should be out sometime this summer.  Next, she recently unveiled the third Kylie x Koko make-up collaboration.  The Kylie x Koko make-up collaboration is a make-up collaboration with Kylie’s other sister, Khloe Kardashian.  In addition, Kylie is working on a new SPF product for her Kylie Skin line.

It looks like Kylie Jenner has a lot in store for her skin and make-up lines in the future.

MatchCo produces a foundation to match your skin-color

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Have you ever found it difficult to find a foundation shade that is just the right color for your skin tone?  Well, now, there is a way to get a foundation that is the perfect shade for your skin color.  Enter MatchCo.  MatchCo is a custom foundation app that says that it can make a custom foundation that is the perfect color for your skin.  How do you get the right shade of foundation?  What you need to do is to download the MatchCo App.  Then, you need to use your phone to scan your skin in five different places.  Once this is complete, MatchCo can make you the perfect foundation shade that will match your skin color.

Try the MatchCo App to get your own custom foundation.

Jaclyn Hill launches her own cosmetics collection

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Jaclyn Hill is a well-known beauty youtube guru.  Now, Hill has launched her own make-up collection.  Hill has put together 20 neutral-colored lipsticks as her brands’s first cosmetics collection.  One of the first lipsticks in her new cosmetics collection is a neutral-colored lipstick that is named Isla.  Isla is a light pink-colored lipstick.  Sofia is the next neutral-colored lipstick in her collection.  Sofia is a brown-colored-lipstick.  Then, there is As-If.  As-If is a pink-colored lipstick.

Jaclyn Hill’s cosmetics collection will launch on May 30.  Check out Hill’s website closer to the launch date for more information.

Nordstrom has its Half-Yearly Sale

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Nordstrom has begun its Half-Yearly Sale.  At the Half-Yearly Sale you can get up to 50% off of items from top brands like Madewell and like Topshop.  The Half-Yearly Sale ends on June 2, so you should take advantage of the newest deals while you can.  You should check out Nordstrom online or Nordstrom stores for more information.

Storybook Cosmetics launches The Burn Book cosmetics palette


The movie, Mean Girls, by Tina Fey is a popular teen comedy.  Mean Girls is about Cady Haron, a pretty teen who tries to navigate the scary waters of high school.  Now, there is a cosmetic palette the replicates the iconic Burn Book that is a central part of the movie.  In Mean Girls, The Burn Book is a book that the cool girls of high school (a group who are called the Plastics) write in.  They “slam” or make fun of all of their classmates in The Burn Book.

The Burn Book cosmetic palette has fun eye-shadow shades that are named after a number of famous lines in the movie.  There is the eye-shadow shade, “Glen Coco,” which is a neutral brown color.  There is, “Is Butter a Carb?” which is a gold color.  Then, there is, “She Doesn’t Even Go Here,” a burgundy-brown color.

The Burn Book is sold at Ulta.

Kim Kardashian-West will launch a new cosmetics collection named Mrs. West

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Kim Kardashian-West, the popular reality-television star, is set to launch a new cosmetics collection with her make-up brand, KKW Beauty.  The new cosmetics collection is named Mrs. West.  It includes a six pan eye-shadow palette, a highlighter, a blush, a lip gloss, a lipstick, and a lip-liner.

The Mrs. West cosmetics collection will launch on May 24, which is the fifth wedding anniversary of Kim Kardashian-West and Kanye West.