1. What is your name?

My name is Avery Lily Porter.

2. What is this blog about?

My blog is about fashion, style, and make-up.

3. What is the name of your blog?

My blog is called Avery Lily Porter.

4. Do you update often?

I try to update my blog once a week.

5. What is your favorite color?

My favorite color is pink.

6. What is your least favorite color?

My least favorite color is green,

7. What is your favorite brand?

My favorite brand is a purse brand… it’s Coach.

8. Where is your favorite place to shop?

I love to shop at Lily Pulitzer.

9. How often do you go shopping?

I go shopping a few times a month.

10. Do you spend a lot of money on clothes?


11. Why do you love shopping?

I love shopping because I love buying new, trendy things.

12. Do you like shopping with people?

Yes, I like shopping with other people.

13. Who are the people?

I like to go shopping with my best friends. I even like to shop with my sister.

14. What is the longest time you’ve ever spent shopping?

I’ve spent three to four hours shopping… yes, I’m addicted to shopping.

15. What is the shortest amount of time you’ve ever spent shopping?

I’ve spent fifteen minutes shopping.

16. Have you ever gone shopping during Black Friday?

Yes, I’ve gone shopping on Black Friday.

17. Did you have fun or were you miserable?

I had fun but sometimes I felt miserable because of the crowds and because of the long lines.

18. Have you ever gone shopping for a birthday present on the day of someone’s birthday?

Actually, yes, I’ve gone shopping on someone’s birthday. It was really crazy trying to find something!

19. Do you have a budget when you go shopping?

No, I don’t usually have a budget when I shop.

20. If you have a budget do you stick to it?

No, I don’t have a budget.

Back-to-school shopping


It’s that time again. What time? It is time for back-to-school-shopping. Back-to-school shopping is necessary for every mom. Still, it can be a trying process. What can you do to make the process easier? Here are some tips and tricks.

You’re welcome.

1. My first tip? You need to have a budget. Plan out how much you want to spend before you go shopping. Make sure to tell your son or daughter about the spending limit… and make sure to stress that he or she can not go over the limit. The budget is the budget… and that’s it!

2. Next, make sure to check out the local circulars for nearby sales. If you go shopping on a sale day you can get a lot of good stuff for much less than you may expect. Being prepared will really help you in the bank. Forewarned is forearmed.

3. What else do you need to know? Now is the time to buy your children’s basics like jeans and t-shirts. Jeans and t-shirts are a must so you should replace your old, faded basics. It is important to replace your basics because they are the staple of your children’s wardrobe.

4. The next tip is something all parents should keep in mind… when you go back-to-school shopping it is important that your on or daughter know that you have to approve his or her clothing choices. It is important that your son or daughter should dress in a neat, smart and sophisticated way. It is not the time to buy things that will show too much skin or the time to buy things that are gaudy.

6. What’s next? You should make a day out of your back-to-school shopping experience. You should go out to eat with your son or daughter after your long shopping day. Shopping is fun but it can sometimes get hectic and stressful. Make time to relax with your child.

7. My final tip is something every mom or dad should do for themselves. You should get something for yourself, too. It’s nice to treat yourself to something once-in-a-while.

That’s all for now. I hope these tips and tricks help you out. Look out for a different type of post next Friday. Until then…

Yours infinitely,

Ava Lily Porter

How to make your own DIY lip scrub

We have a few more weeks of summer… yes! That means fall is right around the corner… ugh! That means the weather is bound to get colder and that means our make-up choices need to change, too. Let’s start this 2018 fall season with a fun Do It Yourself project–a DIY lip scrub to be exact. You should use a lip scrub to get rid of old, flaky skin on your lips or to moisturize chapped lips (which can happen a lot in the cold weather).

This DIY is inexpensive. It is easy to do (you can even make it a fun project to do with your daughter), and it is a lot of fun. So what’s next? Here it is:


1. coconut oil


2. brown sugar

brown_sugar3. honey


4. small container



1. Get out a bowl and put one tablespoon of brown sugar into it.

2. Add one tablespoon of coconut oil into the bowl–the same amount of brown sugar in the mixture.

3. Drizzle some honey into the bowl… as much as you feel like putting in the mixture.

4. Mix the brown sugar well until the brown sugar sticks together. Note: You do not want a mixture that is too oily.

5. Scoop the mixture into a small container to use whenever you want. Voila! Your lip scrub is complete!

Here’s a tip: feel free to lick your lips to remove the product when you are done using the lip scrub. The lip scrub is made with organic, whole materials so it is safe to swallow. This DIY is super simple but it is fun to do. This lip scrub can even rival an expensive Lush lip scrub. Compare the two and tell me what you think!

With infinite love,

Ava Lily Porter

Luxury pocketbooks that are worth it

There are somethings a woman just needs to feel poised and put-together–the right shade of lipstick to compliment your complexion, a pressed powder to keep your make-up in place, and a luxury purse that everyone will notice. Today we are going to focus on the last item–a pocketbook that makes a statement.

There are a lot of great purses from Target or Macy’s that you can buy… all of them nice and at a great price point. But luxury purses will help you to standout… people will notice you and your pocketbook when you walk into a room. Check out these brands to find a luxury purse that fits you perfectly:

1. Coach | Sky Blue Mini-Tote $325.00



2. Michael Kors | Whitney Medium Leather Satchel $298.00 (Shop Now)



2. Kate Spade | Thompson Street Tatum $198.00 (Shop Now)



3. Louis Vuitton | Speedy 30 $1020.00 (Shop Now)



4. Fendi | Peekaboo Essential $5400.00 (Shop Now)



5. Chanel | Lambskin Quilted Jumbo Flap Black $5900.00 (Shop Now)



Splurge on one of these when you have the extra cash or you can save until you have enough money for a well-deserved present.


With infinite love,

Ava Lily Porter

Tips on how you should “dress to impress”


There are a lot of occasions that arise where it is necessary to dress just the right way. It may be for a date, it may be for a job interview or it may be for your school picture day. Either way you need to “dress to impress.” How do you do it? Here are some tips on how to dress up… tips on how to outshine the crowd.

1. What is my first tip? If there is a special day coming up you should buy something new. It just makes sense to wear something special on a special day. You will feel more confident, poised and smart if you wear something nice and new.

2. What’s next? You should make sure your clothes fit just right. What does that mean? Do not be shy… try on different clothes in different sizes.

The right fit is especially important to remember when you are buying jeans. It is a good idea to spend time looking for jeans that are a great fit because jeans are a staple for a person’s everyday life. Jeans look best on a person’s body if they fall on the right part of your waste, if they hug your bum, or if they are hemmed at the right length. If you find a pair of jeans that fit okay but if there are a few fit issues, you can even take them to a tailor to get them nipped and tucked here and there. If you are short, it may be a problem to find jeans that fit your height so you should take the jeans to a tailor to be hemmed. Better yet, hem the jeans yourself if you know how to sew.

3. My next suggestion is something I talked about before… if you are over eighteen you should only wear skirts or dresses that are knee-length or longer… even (or especially) on a date. Knee-length dresses are classy, not trashy. Don’t forget that.

4. What next? It is important to dress nicely for job interviews. Doing so will impress your potential employer. If you are going to an interview,  it is essential that you look professional, neat and tidy. How do you get that professional look? Wear neutral colors to a job interview. What are the neutral colors? They are the colors black, gray, tan and white. You should also press or air-steam your clothes so that they do not have any wrinkles.

It is important to stick to the basics for an interview: pants or a skirt, a white blouse (with the optional blazer), and sensible heels (sensible heels are heels that are short and thick… not five-inch stilettos that look best at a club).

5. Now how about a date night? What is the right thing to wear for that? Well, again, you should try to wear clothes that fit just right. I also think you should wear bright colors… red or pink will help you to stand out. Jeans or skirts/dresses are optional because wearing either will depend on what you are doing for the date. If you are going out for a normal dinner-and-a-movie date, then you should wear a dress. You will look more lady-like, classy and classic.

There are a few more things you should pay attention to if you are planning to go out for a date night. I suggest wearing makeup… natural make-up (or the-no-make-up-make-up look). You can get your nails done, too. Jewelry and perfume are good additions that will help you to feel beautiful. Hey, date nights are special nights. It’s a good idea to go the distance.

6. Well, what about picture day (if there are any young people or parents reading this…)? Young people should wear something nice and something simple for picture day. Make sure their clothes are pressed or stemmed (wrinkles are nobody’s friend!). The important thing to remember is to look nice and neat. Make sure your childs’s bangs are out of their eyes, that your child’s hair is pulled back and that it is combed properly.

If you daughter is thirteen-years-old or older than I think it is appropriate to wear natural make-up. You should keep things simple but sweet: foundation (if you have acne or other skin problems… otherwise forego this if your skin is all right), blush, mascara (you may even want to use an eyelash curler… yes, they may look scary but you can get the hang of if!) and lip gloss or lipstick.

7. What’s next? Here are some general tips for you.

First, it is important to note that neutral colors all go together. The neutral colors are black, gray, tan, and white. Neutral colors can also be paired with any other colors. Here are some examples:

-Black pants, a white shirt a pink blazer

-A blue skirt, a gray shirt and a gold necklace and earrings

-A pink dress and a black statement belt with rose-gold earrings and a necklace

8. The last tip is a general tip for everyone out there who has struggled to make an outfit look right. You should wear clothes that are from the same color family. What do I mean? Here it goes:

-You can wear black, red, tan, gray and white together

-You can wear navy, red, and white together

-You can wear yellow and orange together

-You can wear light pink, light yellow, light blue, light purple, and light green together

-You can wear pink, purple, blue and white together

-You can wear green, yellow, and white together

Finally, here is my last suggestion: you need to wear what you like, too. Just be you.

Phew. That was a long one. I hope this helps you ladies out.

With infinite love,

Ava Lily Porter

What should you wear on a night out on the town?

Summer is here. What does that mean? It means it is time to go out on the town. You can go out on a date night. You can go with your husband to the theater. You can have drinks with your friends. But that leaves a question in mind. What should you wear? Here are five clothing ideas for a fun night out:



1. Are you planning to go out dancing? Then my first suggestion is a knee length dress with lace trim. If you wear something short it can make you look tasteless. Lace is delicate and lady-like. You want to show off your best self so it is important to dress appropriately.


2. My next suggestion is a classic option. I suggest wearing a knee length LBD (little black dress). LBD’s are great for any evening out. Wear an LBD with jewelry and a strapless clutch. The combo will make you look poised and sophisticated.


3. What about an afternoon out? What should you wear when you are having a late lunch? Try a pair of white jeans and a button down. White jeans look classy. They are different than your typical pair of blue jeans. A button down is simple and effortless. That is the look you are going for when you are going out-and-about in the afternoon.


4. Summer is the time for going out to concerts. What should you wear for that occasion? I suggest a pair of dark washed, ripped jeans. You can try an off-the-shoulder top, too. The jeans will make you look bohemian. The off-the-shoulder-top is on trend. You can put on chunky gold jewelry to finish the look.


5. My next tip? What should you wear when you have no idea where you will be going? I suggest a pair of comfortable jeans and a white top. Jeans are appropriate for most places you will visit. A white top is just right for the summer weather. You can make your outfit dressier by adding a pair of heels. If you think you will be walking around then slip into a pair of comfortable flats. Sometimes simple is the best option.


I hope you have a great night out! Enjoy yourself… and keep it classy.

With infinite love,

Ava Lily Porter