Kim Kardashian-West will launch a new cosmetics collection named Mrs. West

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Kim Kardashian-West, the popular reality-television star, is set to launch a new cosmetics collection with her make-up brand, KKW Beauty.  The new cosmetics collection is named Mrs. West.  It includes a six pan eye-shadow palette, a highlighter, a blush, a lip gloss, a lipstick, and a lip-liner.

The Mrs. West cosmetics collection will launch on May 24, which is the fifth wedding anniversary of Kim Kardashian-West and Kanye West.

Kylie Skin launches on May 22

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Kylie Jenner’s cosmetic line is as popular as ever.  Yet, now Jenner is moving from make-up to skin-care.  Jenner launches her new skin-care line, Kylie Skin, on May 22.  Her Instagram account for her comsmetics line, @KylieSkin, is alive and growing.  Her Instagram account will have updates and sneak-peeks to her new make-up line.

According to Kylie, her cosmetics line is, “cruelty free, vegan, gluten free, paraben and sulfate free and suitable for all skintypes.”

She said, “I’ve been working on this for what feels like a lifetime so I can’t believe I’m finally announcing! I’ve built my makeup line from the ground up and that has taught me a lot. I’m so blessed with that knowledge to apply to my brand new company!”

The Appalachian Wildlife Refuge uses old mascara wands to treat animals


At the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge in North Carolina, mascara wands are used to take care of animal refuges.  What do I am mean?  At the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge, volunter medics (otherwise known as “rehabbers”) use mascara wands to clean-off animals who may have dirt, fly-eggs, or larva in its fur.  The rehabbers can clean-off the pests or the debris the text-book way by using a lice or a flea comb.  However, it is best when the rehabber uses a mascara wand.  The wands are soft so that they do not harm the animals.

The Appalachian Wildlife Refuge started a program called Wands for Wildlife to receive the donations of old mascara wands.  The Appalachian Wildlife Refuge has received 50,000 mascara wands.  Check out Wands for Wildlife to donate your old mascara wands.

Join the MAC rewards program to receive new products after you recycle old containers

Screenshot (57)Though Earth Month is almost at an end that does not mean you should not recycle.  One way to recycle is to exchange old MAC containers for new MAC products.

How do you become a part of this?  You need to go to your favorite MAC counter and you need to register for the MAC rewards program.  Do not fear… it is free to sign-up.  There are three MAC rewards program levels: Lover, Devoted, and Obsessed.  You are able to participate in the MAC rewards program at any level.  To participate in this program, you need do save-up six empty MAC containers.  Then, you need to return the empty MAC containers to your favorite MAC counter.  If you do this you will get back either a lipstick, a lip-glass or a single eye-shadow pot.  The item can be worth up to $17.

Kylie Cosmetics will re-release The Momager Collection


Mother’s Day is coming (FYI: it’s on May 12 this year.)  What can you get for your mother for this special day?  Here it is: Kylie Jenner’s The Momager make-up collection.  What is The Momager Collection you may ask?  The Momager Collection is a set of Kylie Cosmetics make-up products endorsed by Kylie Jenner’s mother, Chris Jenner.  The Momager Collection bundle includes eight matte mini-lipsticks, an eye-shadow palette, a highlighter palette, a lipstick, and a lipgloss.  The products are sold separately and together.

Kiehl’s is having a Friends and Family Sale


The skin-care brand, Kiehl’s, has its annual Friends and Family Sale.  The Friends and Family Sale is from April 23 to April 29.  Kiehl’s is offering 20 percent off of various skin-care products. You can only participate in this sale on the Kiehl’s website or at the brands’s stores.

The brand is offering a three-piece gift when you spend $125 or more on skin-care products.  You can also get free shipping when you purchase $50 or more on the Kiehl’s website.

If you are buying Kiehl’s products on their website then use the code, FRIENDS, to participate in the 20 percent off sale.

Kylie Cosmetics will launch The Kybrow Collection

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Kylie Jenner, the youngest Kardashian-Jenner, will launch a new collection in her Kylie Cosmetics make-up line.  The new collection is a set of eye-brow products called The Kybrow Collection.  The Kybrow Collection consists of a brow pencil, a brow pomade, a brow powder duo, a brow gel, a brow brush, and two brow highlighters.

The Kybrow Collection will be available on April 29 on the Kylie Cosmetics website.