It Cosmetics launches new matte foundation powder

Screenshot 2019-02-08 03.28.50It Cosmetics launched a new matte foundation called the Bye Bye Foundation Powder. The Bye Bye Foundation Powder is formulated as a pressed powder. It is a full coverage foundation with a matte finish. It feels light-weight and it is hydrating.

This foundation is great on its own. You can also use it over the Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream or the Bye Bye Breakout concealer.

The Bye Bye Foundation Powder is available on QVC.

Too Faced cosmetics will launch a “Born This Way” powder foundation


Too Faced “Born This Way” foundation is one of the most popular products in the brand’s line-up. The liquid foundation is so popular that the brand, Too Faced, introduced the “Born This Way Multi-Use Sculpting Concealer” last summer to make-up fans everywhere.

Now, a new Too Faced foundation from the “Born This Way” family is set to launch. The foundation will be a pressed powder “Born This Way” foundation instead of the liquid “Born This Way” foundation.

Pressed powder is a great product to use over concealer and foundation to set make-up. It is also a great product to use on-the-go because of the neat packaging.

Stay tuned to find out more about the new, Too Faced “Born This Way” powder foundation.

Betsey Johnson launches new make-up line

The popular fashion designer, Betsey Johnson, will launch her new Betsey Johnson make-up line. She will have eight products in her make-up line. Her new cosmetics line includes double-ended lip glosses, a 24-shade eye shadow palette, lush mascaras, long-lasting matte lip glosses, a highlighter, a luminous highlighting stick kit, cruelty-free false lashes and, lastly, a 6-piece brush set.

Johnson was heavily involved in creating the packaging of her make-up line. Her make-up line is brightly colored with pops of pink, red, black and white.

Kylie Cosmetics drops its new Valentine’s Day collection on Friday


Kylie Cosmetics, a cosmetics brand by the reality television star, Kylie Jenner, drops its new Valentine’s Day collection this Friday. There are three different Valentine’s Day sets. All three Valentine’s Day sets include a a 12- shade eye shadow palette, a liquid lipstick, a lip-liner, a blush, a glitter eyeliner and a high gloss.

The cosmetics brand will launch this Valentine’s Day collection on its website, Friday, February 1.

Colour Pop launches the new BFF mascara

Colour Pop is a new, popular cosmetics line at an inexpensive price point. The brand has launched a new product: its BFF mascara. The brand promises that the new mascara will bring volume, lift and that it will lengthen your lashes.

What is different about Colour Pop’s BFF mascara? The new product comes in all color ranges… and I am talking about more than your typical black and brown mascara colors. The BFF mascara comes in  “Yellow Good-bye,” “Blue Y A Mind,” “Kiss ‘n Teal,” “Purple Prose,” “Left on Red,” “Pink, Inc.” and “Black on Black.”

For a limited time you will receive two Colour Pop cleansing duos if you buy two or more BFF mascaras.

BFF Mascara  | $8

(Left to right)  “Yellow Good-bye,” “Blue Y A Mind,” “Kiss ‘n Teal,” “Purple Prose,” “Left on Red,” “Pink, Inc.,” “Black on Black.”

BF Mascara Collection Set | $50

screenshot 2019-01-30 00.21.09

BFF Mascara PR Collection Kit | $56

screenshot 2019-01-29 23.59.03

Lush skincare company launches new environmentally friendly skincare line

The handmade bath and skincare company, Lush,  launched a new environmentally friendly skincare line. The new vegan skincare line includes facial oils, cleansing balms and an eye mask. The products, like the facial oil, are sold in a solid formation. As a result the new skincare line will not use disposable packaging.

Here are a few of the new products:

Banana Skin Naked Facial Oil | $14.95lush_facial_oil

There are three more naked facial oils–the Amazon Primer Naked Facial Oil ($12.95), the Argan Naked Facial Oil ($12.95) and the Light Touch Naked Facial Oil ($12.95).

Tea Totaler Naked Cleansing Balm | $5.95

screenshot 2019-01-22 19.54.20

There are three more Cleansing Balms–the Jade Roller Naked Cleansing Balm ($5.95), the Sleepy Face Naked Facial Balm ($5.95) and the Gritty Politti Naked Cleansing Balm ($5.95).

Like a Virgin Naked Cold Cream | $5.95

screenshot 2019-01-22 19.39.24

Additionally, they sell the Like a Virgin Naked Cold Cream.

They also sell the 7 to 3 Cleansing Pad ($3.95) and the Mortal Kombu Under-Eye Mask ($1.95).